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What makes the Austen Apparel suit so well fitting?

  • Our slim fit and regular fit suits are constructed of the finest Super 120’s merino wool. Traditional tailoring craftsmanship can be seen in every detail so we can offer a suit with a great fit that is functional and will last.
  • Our slim fit suit has a contemporary slim fit cut that flatters your physique. The two-button jacket is more fitted at the waist, has a narrower lapel and lower buttoning contributing to a leaner silhouette. It boasts a felt fabric ‘melton’ under the collar, that creates a smooth curve allowing the collar to sit properly.
  • We use a resilient half-canvas chest and lapel interlining so the jacket has a natural drape across the chest. It will conform to your shape over time prolonging the life of your suit.
  • The slanted jet pockets, otherwise known as hacking pockets, have flaps that can be tucked in for an even sleeker, more polished appearance.
  • Performance is vital in a suit you’ll wear regularly which is why we’ve chosen double vents. They not only facilitate freedom of movement but prevent your jacket wrinkling as well.
  • Our well tailored slim fit trousers have a flat front which adds to the slim look. To complement the slim look we’ve included a curtain waistband, a hook and bar fastening and a French bearer.

What makes the Austen Apparel shirt so exceptional?

Designs Matched

During the cutting stage, all the critical points on each shirt panel are individually matched to give perfect symmetry to stripe and check shirts. These key areas include the collar, cuffs, front panels, the yoke and sleeve plackets.

18 Stitches to the Inch Sewing

All Austen Apparel shirts are sewn with 18 stitches to the inch throughout the whole shirt. By comparison, the average is 15 stitches to the inch. This results in fine, strong and more elegant seams.

Purl Buttonholes

All Austen Apparel shirts have Purl buttonholes. This is a traditional shirt making technique that ensures the button rests on the Purl rather than the shirt fabric itself, further increasing the garment’s durability.

Buttons sewn with a Crossed Lock-stitch

Buttons are sewn on with a strong secure crossed lock-stitch, to prevent them from becoming loose.

Single Needle Stitching

Austen Apparel shirts are sewn throughout using a single needle sewing machine. This is the traditional but costly way of doing things. It produces very fine but very strong seams. Many of our competitors only use single needle stitching on the sleeves and front of the shirt, and twin needle stitching on the body.

Finest Two Fold Cotton Poplin

The majority of Austen Apparel shirts are made from two fold 100% cotton poplin. The weave gives a durable yet smooth finish with a medium fabric weight. Poplin is excellent fabric for sharp checks, stripes and end on ends.

Multiple Sleeve Lengths

Depending on the collar size of the shirt, various sleeve lengths are available. These range from 85 cm (33.5") (short) to 97 cm (38") (extra long). Please refer to our sizing guide for collar size/sleeve length options. Sleeves can be shortened to a specific length in the event that your sleeve length is shorter that those we produce as standard in your collar size.

Two Piece Split Yoke

The yoke of the Austen Apparel shirt is constructed in two distinct halves and from four separate pieces of fabric. These are sewn together at an angle replicating the sloping nature of men’s shoulders. This ensures a properly contoured fit and allows for ease of movement across the shoulders. All our yokes are hand cut with the top yoke being cut on the bias.

Two Piece Collar

Austen Apparel shirt collars are made with a separate 'top' and 'band' using the very best German interlinings. The edge between the band and the top is cut elliptically, and when sewn together, produces a 'spring' which gives the collar a natural tendency both to turn and stay down. At Austen Apparel, we maintain the collar’s shape using superior materials, construction and craftsmanship.


Austen Apparel shirts feature an over and under gauntlet. This consists of two pieces of fabric either side of the sleeve opening above the cuff. These keep the sleeve together in wear and prevent 'gaping'. This does away with the need to have a 'button in gauntlet', a cheaper option often used to keep the sleeve closed when proper gauntlets have been dispensed with.

Removable Collar Stiffeners

Collar stiffeners are included to keep your collar flat and smooth. These should be removed when washing and ironing your Austen Apparel shirt, and then replaced to keep the shirt’s collar in prime condition.

Extra Long Tails

Our shirt-tails are long to ensure the shirt remains in place in even the most demanding situations; no short tails that require constant ‘tucking in’ after each slight flection of the torso.

What type of cotton is used in our shirts?

The majority of our shirts are made from two-fold, 100% cotton fabrics woven using yarns with a 60's, 70's, 80's, 100’s or 120's yarn count.

The classic Jermyn Street shirt fabric - smooth, lightweight and durable - poplin always looks smart whatever the occasion. Poplins are lustrous, silky fabrics that are cool and comfortable to wear and soften and feel even more comfortable each time they are laundered.

End on End
This weave has the same simple construction as poplin but with a lighter colour woven through to create a subtle two tone or ‘chambray’ effect.
Pinpoint Oxford
Pinpoint Oxford fabric is a medium weight cotton making it perfect for most occasions. This weave has a subtle textured effect, is incredibly soft to the touch and is favoured for its durability.
Herringbone features a distinctive ‘fishbone’ pattern where the direction of the twill is alternated. Herringbone has a subtle sheen and the slightly heavier weight gives a luxurious handfeel.
This fabric is made with the weft threads passing over one and under two threads to produce a diagonal rib which makes the fabric soft to the touch and gives it its luxurious handfeel.
Royal Oxford
This soft and silky weave uses a finer yarn than regular Oxford. It has a luxurious, raised texture which gives it a distinctive ‘basketweave’ effect.

What type of interlinings are used in our shirts?

We make our shirts using both fusible and non-fusible European interlinings.

How do you care for your Austen Apparel shirt?

Remove collar stiffeners before washing. To keep your shirt in optimal condition, machine wash your shirt at no more than 40oC. Our shirts can either be spun or rung dry, but not tumble-dried. It is preferrable to iron your shirt whilst slightly damp, as this makes ironing easier. Moisten with a water spray if ironing your shirt from dry. Do not starch cuffs or collars as this will reduce your shirt's lifespan. Don't forget to replace your collar stiffeners to keep your shirt looking its best.

Will your new shirt shrink at all?

All our fabrics are pre-shrunk. We allow approximately one centimetre extra in the collar and the sleeves for further settling of the fabric that may occur.

What Makes The Austen Apparel Silk Tie So Luxurious?

  • Austen Apparel’s handmade woven silk ties are designed to elegantly complement your Asquith Brown shirt. The rich, luxurious hand-feel of each of our ties ensures a natural, perfect fit with our Prince of Wales, Windsor or Button-down collared shirts.
  • Our silk ties are available in vibrant colours, intricate designs and a careful palette selection to ensure that we have the perfect tie to go with each of our shirts.
  • Hand-cut in three parts, combined with meticulous hand-sewing and finishing provides the Austen Apparel tie its durability and elasticity.
  • Our ties have a full double lining with a layer of pure wool from point to point thus ensuring good recovery with minimum creasing after wear.
  • Our extensive collection of woven silks are designed in-house by Austen Apparel.
  • Our classic ties have an 8cm blade width and are 150cm in length.

What is the best knot for your Austen Apparel tie?

The ‘Four in Hand’ knot is recommended for our shirts as this knot as it can be used with Prince of Wales, Windsor and Button-down collars to give a professional and sophisticated look. A ‘Full Windsor’ knot is only recommended to be worn with the Windsor collar. A ‘Half Windsor’ knot can be used with the Prince of Wales or Button-down collars, however it is also best suited with the Windsor Collar.

What are the Austen Apparel cufflinks made from?

Austen Apparel’s cufflinks are designed in-house and come in a stunning array of coloured enamels with rhodium metal fittings.